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Piano Lessons

Julie Devaux

I met Asaf Blasberg at the International Keyboard Institute and Festival. Because his approach to classical music was so impressive in terms of musicality, I decided to get a second lesson with him. A connection started and we decided to work together at his studio. He is preparing me for the Juilliard audition in piano performance for the Master Degree program. Mr. Blasberg is not only an accomplished concert pianist with an amazing musicality, he is also an amazing teacher and knows exactly how to overcome any difficulty in any music pieces to help the student. Thanks to his remarkable repertoire, Mr. Blasberg can show different pieces connected to explain the atmosphere of your own piece. I highly recommend Asaf Blasberg for any level from amateurs to professionals. I guarantee that you will have an unforgettable experience and your way of playing will improve drastically thanks to his amazing technique.

David R. Musher, MD

I am an amateur pianist. I first came to Asaf because of difficulty with fingering in the Arensky D minor Piano Trio. He readily solved that within minutes and I continued lessons with him for several years. His musicianship is impeccable and his enthusiasm is contagious. His skill at imparting his very impressive knowledge (both musical and technical) is exceedingly high. Although critical at times, he always has something nice to say about your playing. I may be exhausted after a lesson, but I always have a great time!

Michelle Kalisz

Asaf is a wonderful piano instructor. I came to Asaf to better my technique, and he has helped me tremendously, particularly with interpretation and voicing. He is great for working out difficult fingerings and getting to the true character of the piece. He is very sincere, and his enthusiasm and love for music comes across in his teaching. He makes learning and improvement fun and effective.

Performance Reviews

Richard B. Prior, Ph.D

Hello Asaf Blasberg. Thank you for the download. All worked out well and I can enjoy this amazing All Liszt recital right on my computer. Your rendition of the Liszt sonata is fantastic and one of the best I have heard among the 615 different recordings of this work I have in my collection. You are a superb artist. Thanks again for this beautiful recital. I know I will enjoy it for years to come.

Charlie Bertini

Asaf, this was an amazing concert. Your playing was brilliant! Thanks for this educational and entertaining performance!

Jill Grant

Hi Asaf, I watched your webcast last night, and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. It was so moving to witness you do such a challenging duet piece and also be so engrossed in the music at the same time.

Martine Jaffe

Dear Asaf, this concert was wonderful! Your explanations before each piece were enlightening and we thoroughly enjoyed your passionate performance! This was such a treat!

Arlene Kientz

Asaf is incredibly talented. Watch him play even if you don't like classical music! You won't regret it. He makes those keys sing and he puts his heart and soul, his energy and passion into each rendition. He makes the composers very proud. Bravo!

David Musher

Yasher koach! The Beethoven, particularly the theme and variations, was magnificient. The Chopin Scherzo was brilliant! Bravissimo!

Dmitry Rachmanov

Brilliant performance, Asaf, bravo, bravo, BRAVO!!!!

Jerome Rose

My dear Asaf: utterly brilliant.

Steve Sandberg

Congratulations on a wonderful concert - I had no idea you are such a marvelous pianist! I really enjoy your emotional freedom as you play - it's a side of you I have not seen before and I want more! Again, thank you for a memorable musical ride.

Jill Grant

Wow Asaf! My mom and I loved your concert. I felt like I was watching a performance at Symphony Hall, only with better seats. I loved the closeups of you and could tell how engrossed you were in the music and performance. What a privilege to watch!

Beth Barich

BRAVO!!!!! Thank you, Asaf!! That made my day. 

Ariel Halevy

Asaf my friend, you do not PLAY music. You ARE the music. This was so wonderful to watch, thank you!!! Loved that fist at the end. A Beethovenian gesture, that suits one of Chopin's most Beethovenian pieces (in the sense of drama, rhythmic motiv treatment, etc.) This concert will be remembered for a long, long time!

Janice Wallach

It was a lovely performance. The Schubert piano sonatas are so beautiful.

David Musher

Mazal tov! Beautiful, elegant and sensitive rendition. You were at your peak! It was a beautiful concert.

Janice Wallach

Thank you! Fabulous! Not sure how he did that; I didn't see an earpiece, not even a metronome.

Evelyne Luest

Thanks Asaf! Bravo - great playing!!!!

Pat Hand

So enjoyed this evening's webcast concert. Absolutely blessed by your performance!

Alyce Mott

You are a wonderful pianist!

Ariel Halevy

Asaf!! Just heard your double concert featuring the "AS-asaf-AF" duo. Amazing!!! Schubert would have been proud!! Well, actually twice as proud!! Wow!!

Charlie Bertini

Asaf, WOW! I just watched your webcast. You were absolutely amazing! Great program, and terrific chops and interpretation. You are a treat to watch and listen to. Fine camera switching by whoever did it, and your piano sounds great. Thanks for an uplifting evening!

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